Fashion with a meaning by Shallil Burton – Kerassi

Fashion With a Meaning

by shalliburton21

I am always looking for cute and quirky fashion/clothing that is size inclusive and I have found the perfect brand! Kerassi was started in 2019 and has blossomed ever since. I can not wait to tell you more about the first item I have received as well as all about the brand, company, and owner.

Who is the Lady Behind the Scene?

Photo of Patil Roupelian, Owner of Kerassi

Patil is a typical first generation immigrant from Europe as well as a millenial trying to fit in between two cultures and worlds. Life has and can be very challenging and lonely. She wants her brand to resonate with people from all walks of life as if being a family bonded by experience rather than blood.

Most of her life, Patil, felt like an outsider and faced challenges at school and home. Due to this she was closed off from people and decided art would be her way of self expression. From a young age Patil knew that she wanted to be a fashion designer. Another reason she wanted to become a fashion designer was due to the fact that it was always hard for her to find clothes in her own size while in Europe. As she got older and discovered acting, and a passion was born for it as well. Until she found out that it was going to be extremely challenging due to having no support and making her anxiety worse with constantly being rejected and judged. She then created her brand Kerassi that has become her escape and love.

Why Kerassi Was Created

The company was created around September of 2019, right after the owner, Patil Roupelian, got out of college. However, she moved to New York City to pursue a career in fashion and Kerassi was put on pause for a while. When the pandemic started she was laid off and truly gave her business, Kerassi the focus it needed in order to blossom.

Her idea for the company actually has a lot of humor behind it! She has always been a goof ball with friends, making them all laugh and say, “You should put that on a shirt and wear it!” Which is where her concept started, with that being only the start of this beautiful creation.

Finding Her Way Through Fashion

She knew that in order for her business to thrive she had to be more than just random funny things on t-shirts. So, she got to researching and studying more and more while staying aligned to her roots. With her roots being a fashion statement that was full of sarcasm and comedy that would resonate with people of different backgrounds. Noticing that there are many social issues that need to be addressed, she found exactly what she was looking for. Humor is also a way she copes with things in general making this the perfect match for her. This is her way of bringing light to social issues and current event with using her form of humor. Which has been a big hit for the many people that love her clothing and accessories.

What the Future Looks Like for Kerassi Fashion Company

Right now the company ensures that the blank shirts that are purchased are of great quality AND ethically made. Yet, in the near future Kerassi wants to grow into an environmentally friendly brand. While also having goals to move into their own warehouse and production.


Her Review on Kerassi

SueAnn Kidwell – Kerrasi Clothing

I got the rain jacket that is a hoodie. It is a beautiful yellow just like the photo shows on their site. I also really loved how quickly I received my order and I can’t wait to order more and more from this awesome company. They have something for everyone in their inventory! I also love that they are size inclusive meaning I don’t have to worry about them having my size.

SueAnn Kidwell & Boo Kidwell – Having fun outside!


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