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Making a Statement: A Brief of History of the Statement Tee

 Statement t-shirts have been tied to political movements as early as the 1960s. Considered the dawn of a political golden age in the US, the 60s were filled with protests as civil unrest began. People were protesting segregation of color, they were speaking up against war, and they were finding their voices to bravely talk about political assassinations.

Though tumultuous, the 60s were also an era where opinions were expressed not just through voices, but also through the written word. People began to wear their thoughts on their shirts, as if branding themselves, proclaiming to others what their political stances were.

Statement t-shirts suddenly were in vogue, and this perhaps was one of the most politically charged fashion trends to spring up in modern America. Messages were printed on the front of the tees in order to transform oneself into a walking placard. Furthermore, finding kindred spirits became easier when those of similar sentiments can read each other’s thoughts from a distance.
Today, the statement tee is back in vogue. Though quirky or funny quotes have also begun to be printed, the roots of these slogan t-shirts remain the same: as a means to shed awareness to a cause or belief. At present, what people are fighting for may be slightly different than in the 60s, but the fire burns are brightly as ever.

Pride is given a spotlight. Women empowerment has found a new voice. Calls for immediate action on environmental sustainability are heard louder than ever. Statement tees are back in vogue because the fight for a better future continues.

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