About – Kerassi


As a growing need of individuality, minimalism and unconventional fashion, Kerassi was born.
At Kerassi we thrive into giving individuals their power back through fashion.
Whether supporting a cause, making a statement, or simply showing ones unapologetic sense of humor.
In a world of chaos we decided the best way to heal is by not taking life too seriously and heal
each other through humor and self-expression.  
Labels that have been put upon all of us that are meant to be derogatory, or
cookie cutter life expectations that has caused us in distancing with our true
selves in order to “fit-in”.  For us, Kerassi is about taking your labels and wearing
them as your crown with pride, we believe words are only hurtful if giving them the power to.  
I founded Kerassi in 2019 as a 25 years old millennial who got tired being labeled
as a "snowflake" for having opinions and I decided one day to design my own "snowflake" shirt
and wear it with pride as a way to get back at those who labeled me. As soon as I
graduated from college with a Fashion Merchandising degree I decided to start my
own brand for those who are like me that wanted to rebel against the fashion industry and
society's obsession with derogatory labels. 
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